New Frequency

Created and Directed by Matt Johnson, NEW FREQUENCY welcomes you to the golden age of new media by presenting vital and cutting edge mini-plays recorded for worldwide distribution on iTunes and Soundcloud. Created in Los Angeles in 2000 New Frequency became an instant hit, moving from small theaters to the famed Roxy on the Sunset Strip, selling out every show along the way and receiving rave reviews from critics. Edgy writing combined with top Hollywood talent created the shows signature sound, a one-of-a-kind energy all recorded live onstage – voices, music, sound effects, everything! Quickly picked up by XM/Sirius Satellite Radio New Frequency went global, reaching a whole new audience of fans. Now 15 years later and over 200 episodes strong, New Frequency remains the leader in modern radio drama and podcasts. Comedy, drama, mystery, horror, noir, science fiction, western, detective -- New Frequency rocks it all. THIS is drama amplified! Tune in for new shows every Sunday @ 7pm featuring New Frequency’s most popular episodes with an introduction from the series creator and stars, plus special new recordings and LIVE shows coming contiuously.

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