Spirits Of The Game | Non-Fiction Series

Hexes, folklore, legends and ghosts go hand-in-hand with sports as easily as cold beer and peanuts. Spirits Of The Game will take us deep inside these stories as each episode we visit some of the most haunted sports venues in North America for a fast-paced, funny, informative look at the spine-chilling side of athletics. Our Host, a sports obsessed comedian, will encounter the ghosts of Lambeau’s locker room, answer the phantom phone that rings at Wrigley overnight, stay in the NBA’s most haunted hotel, hear the whispers of the cursed shaman of Talladega, and much more!  Whether you’re a believer or not, Spirits Of The Game is a positive way to examine the lore of sport, the history of a great team, the enduring legacy of a departed hero…or just enjoy a quick visit to the magical, mystical place that is the ball field.

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