The Resurrection Of Lawford Bertolucci | Feature Film

The dream of a different life is something plumber Leo Brownwell gave up on a long time ago – that is until the moment he saw the picture. On a strange service call, Leo comes face to face with a portrait of world renowned opera star Lawford Bertolucci. In this life-changing moment, Leo becomes convinced that he is the reincarnation of the famous singer. Thus begins Leo’s poignant and often comical quest 
of self-discovery. On his journey he encounters a love-struck widow, a New Age boss and his impossible son, an unrequited romance, and a hippie psychic. In the end, Leo unlocks the roots of a fantastic past life and discovers a voice he never knew he had. The Resurrection of Lawford Bertolucci is a warm, wise and whimsical story told through music, fantasy, and small town charm.

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