El Verdugo | Original Series

Meet Donny Flash, an iconic dirt track driver in Texarkana. A god on the racecourse! Of course that was all before he choked during a race, rushed a perfectly normal dog to the emergency room, and had a career meltdown that still has him spinning. Now it’s life in the slow lane for Donny, working a pathetic job in a corrupt business owned by his ex-wife’s husband. When his Boss demands he travel to Mexico to place a large cash bet on a fabled fighting rooster named El Verdugo, a new spirit awakens inside Donny. He steals the legendary rooster and goes on the run from not only his revenge-filled Boss, but also the furiously inept Cockfighting Gang who held El Verdugo captive. Now he and the fat lazy rooster live a life on the run in Mexico - discovering redemption, friendship and their fighting spirit again. Eastbound & Down, meets Weeds, meets Dukes Of Hazard.

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