By Night: Origins | Original Series

In the grand tradition of Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Rod Serling's Twilight Zone, BY NIGHT is a mystery/thriller anthology series for a modern generation. Each short episode journeys into the unknown with tales of the paranormal and horrors of the human condition revealing that everything has a dark side. Now available on AMAZON and AMAZON PRIME.

Created by Matt Johnson and Robert Uncles. 

EMAIL to request an industry preview website to view the first 3 episodes. 


The Resurrectionists | Original Series

A one-hour gothic horror, THE RESURRECTIONISTS follows a troubled perfume shop owner’s journey into the business of body snatching in late 18th Century London in order to save his twin daughters. It’s Penny Dreadful meets The Knick meets Gangs of New York.

Created by Matt Johnson and Robert Uncles.

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Rednecks | Animated Series

When the Mars Rover Animosity makes contact with an alien colony, a martian family is chosen to relocate to Earth to educate our society and learn our ways. In a random lottery the town of Frognot, Texas is chosen as their new home. It’s Futurama meets King of the Hill in this fish-out-of-water, irreverent comedy series.

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