By Night: Origins | Original Series

Now seen by over 3 Million Fans on Amazon and Amazon Prime, By Night: Origins is anthology amplified! In the grand tradition of Black Mirror and Twilight Zone, each short episode journeys into the unknown with tales of the paranormal and horrors of the human condition revealing that everything has a dark side. Starring Joe DeRosa from Better Call Saul as The Nocturnal. 

Now available on AMAZON and AMAZON PRIME.

Created by Matt Johnson and Robert Uncles. 

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Spirits Of The Game | Non-Fiction Series

Hexes, folklore, legends and ghosts go hand-in-hand with sports as easily as cold beer and peanuts. Spirits Of The Game will take us deep inside these stories as each episode we visit some of the most haunted sports venues in North America for a fast-paced, funny, informative look at the spine-chilling side of athletics. Our Host, a sports obsessed comedian, will encounter the ghosts of Lambeau’s locker room, answer the phantom phone that rings at Wrigley overnight, stay in the NBA’s most haunted hotel, hear the whispers of the cursed shaman of Talladega, and much more!  Whether you’re a believer or not, Spirits Of The Game is a positive way to examine the lore of sport, the history of a great team, the enduring legacy of a departed hero…or just enjoy a quick visit to the magical, mystical place that is the ball field.

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Matryoshka (The Nesting Doll) | Feature Film

A young woman steals a nesting doll while appraising a mysterious estate, unwittingly binding herself to a demonic supernatural curse that leads all the way to Rasputin the “mad monk” of Russia.  In an attempt to free herself from the curse, she must delve deeper and deeper into the nesting doll’s layers, until only the innermost doll remains…a final layer that means a fight for her very soul!

Created by Matt Johnson and Robert Uncles.

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The Resurrectionists | Original Series

A one-hour gothic horror set in 18th Century London -The Resurrectionists tells the story of Maxmillian Hiddle, a troubled perfume shop owner who loses everything – his wife, his business, one of his twin daughters to illness, the other seized by his pious father. With no alternative in sight, Max journeys into the business of body snatching in order to save his family. After crossing the line of decency by selling the body of his deceased daughter, Maxmillian will stop at nothing to operate the most successful Resurrectionists business in London. The Alienist meets Penny Dreadful meets Breaking Bad.

Created by Matt Johnson and Robert Uncles.

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El Verdugo | Original Series

Meet Donny Flash, an iconic dirt track driver in Texarkana. A god on the racecourse! Of course that was all before he choked during a race, rushed a perfectly normal dog to the emergency room, and had a career meltdown that still has him spinning. Now it’s life in the slow lane for Donny, working a pathetic job in a corrupt business owned by his ex-wife’s husband. When his Boss demands he travel to Mexico to place a large cash bet on a fabled fighting rooster named El Verdugo, a new spirit awakens inside Donny. He steals the legendary rooster and goes on the run from not only his revenge-filled Boss, but also the furiously inept Cockfighting Gang who held El Verdugo captive. Now he and the fat lazy rooster live a life on the run in Mexico - discovering redemption, friendship and their fighting spirit again. Eastbound & Down, meets Weeds, meets Dukes Of Hazard.

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The Resurrection Of Lawford Bertolucci | Feature Film

The dream of a different life is something plumber Leo Brownwell gave up on a long time ago – that is until the moment he saw the picture. On a strange service call, Leo comes face to face with a portrait of world renowned opera star Lawford Bertolucci. In this life-changing moment, Leo becomes convinced that he is the reincarnation of the famous singer. Thus begins Leo’s poignant and often comical quest 
of self-discovery. On his journey he encounters a love-struck widow, a New Age boss and his impossible son, an unrequited romance, and a hippie psychic. In the end, Leo unlocks the roots of a fantastic past life and discovers a voice he never knew he had. The Resurrection of Lawford Bertolucci is a warm, wise and whimsical story told through music, fantasy, and small town charm.

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Rednecks | Animated Series

When the Mars Rover Animosity makes contact with an alien colony, a martian family is chosen to relocate to Earth to educate our society and learn our ways. In a random lottery the town of Frognot, Texas is chosen as their new home. It’s Futurama meets King of the Hill in this fish-out-of-water, irreverent comedy series.

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